Reflections upon 8 years of service in the MI Senate

"I came in with my integrity.  I will be leaving with my integrity."

Wrestling Gators


How would you like to know how government really works?  Wrestling Gators is the book for you.

IT Roadmap


Are you a small business struggling to figure out how best to deploy Information Technology?  The IT Roadmap will show you the way!

MI Grassroots Alliance


Tired of politics-as-usual? Looking for a way to make a difference via grassroots political advocacy?  The Michigan Grassroots Alliance is for you.

Policy Advocacy



Life is the first of our unalienable rights defined in the Declaration of Independence.  Without it, all other rights cease to matter.



Tired of escalating prices and diminishing services from healthcare in the Obamacare era?  The free market can fix this.



We do not need to throw more money at fixing the roads via more taxes or even re-purpose existing funds in the state budget.  We simply need to improve the quality of the roads we build.  Longer-lasting roads lower overall life cycle costs for road we see those orange barrels less often.



"The philosophy of education in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." - Abraham Lincoln

Do you know what is being taught in classrooms around Michigan regarding U.S. History and civics?  You need to know.  We need politically-neutral and accurate social studies standards not continued progressive indoctrination.

Free Speech


George Orwell's dystopian world of 1984 is alive and well in America.  Free speech is under assault. Students are being arrested for handing out pocket Constitutions.  The right to Free Speech enshrined in our First Amendment was not put there to protect us from people saying "I love you".   Time to speak up else we will find ourselves in the world of Orwell's Newspeak.

Civilization Jihad


The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a terrorist organization by majority Muslim, Arabic countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.  Yet the mere mention of the term Muslim Brotherhood yields headlines of racist and bigot from the media.  What are they trying to hide with their attempts to silence those who merely speak the truth?

What happens when someone speaks the truth in front of 150 Members of the MI Press Association during a candidate forum?  WATCH VIDEO 

(Censored by YouTube)

Election Integrity


Before One Casts a Vote

–We need to ensure that each citizen is only able to vote once per election

–We need to ensure that the person who casts a ballot is the person registered to cast that ballot

–We need to ensure that only citizens are allowed to vote

After One Casts a Vote

–We need to ensure that every vote is counted (poll voters, absentee voters including deployed military personnel)

–We need to ensure that every vote is only cast once

–We need to ensure that each vote cast is secured in a manner that makes it plausible to conduct a high integrity recount


–Wherever voting irregularities are identified, we need to systematically investigate precinct-by-precinct in order determining the root causes of any issues. 

–Where there is negligence, we need an effective corrective action plan that will be monitored by the Secretary of State. 

–Where there is a vulnerability in Michigan election law, we need to fill it with appropriate legislation. 

–Where there is outright voter fraud, we need to pursue criminal prosecutions by our Attorney General.

Wireless Radiation Risks


Wireless technology is revolutionizing our world.  We often hear about the benefits of this technology from the telecom industry, but do you know about the risks?  There are significant risks including adverse health impacts (e.g. cancer), loss of privacy, and even national security risks.


Vaccine Choice


Did you know that the Federal Government has paid out approximately $5 Billion for vaccine injuries?  Since vaccines have been demonstrated to have harmful as well as beneficial effects, don't you believe you should be able to choose whether or not to have one?  I do and I'm not alone.



Tired of the government reaching into your pockets to fix problems?  So am I.  Tax increases should be the LAST solution pursued for any government problem.

Auto Insurance


Auto insurance rates in Michigan are too high.  We need a solution which lowers our auto insurance rates while still retaining care provisions for those who suffer serious injuries in car accidents.  Such a solution is possible.

About Me


My Background

I graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering.  I went on to study Life Sciences at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France.  My education was later applied design elements of the Environmental Control and Life Support System for the International Space Station.


Public Service

In 2010, I left the comfort of the private sector to run for the Michigan Senate.  Through the selfless support of grassroots volunteers, hard work, and the grace of God, I became the first person to be elected directly into the Michigan Senate without any previous political experience in three decades.  I went on to serve two terms in the Senate.  Term limits prohibited a third.


Gubernatorial Run

In 2018, I ran for Governor of Michigan on the basis of Principled Solutions.  Although unsuccessful in this bid, we did earn 13% of the vote despite only 15% name recognition.  Furthermore, we earned the support of thousands of volunteers tired of politics-as-usual.  People are looking for solutions.  We provided solutions, but did not have the money to tell more people about them.